Saturday, 3 June 2017

[REVIEW] Hyoyeon "Wannabe" Feat. San E

HyoYeon is surprising fans with her newest solo single "Wannabe" featuring San E.

When thinking of Girls' Generation I can't help but to think of girly songs which try to be more "fierce" than they really are. It's due to this very reason that member HyoYeon's "Wannabe" was a major surprise to me. The song is not something I'm used to hearing from a member of SNSD.

I'm on the fence whether to like the song or not. The pure pop song isn't bad, but it feels off with the rap, like the two parts don't fit together. It seems SM Entertainment couldn't properly decide what they wanted: a pop song or a rap, so they settled on both.

"Wannabe" doesn't have any major vocal high points, but relies on its beat, music, rap and song to deliver. It's pop music is somewhat familiar to SNSD songs, whereas the rap also brings thoughts to CL (ex-2NE1). San E's part is small and unnoticeable, barely giving anything of value to the song.

All in all, "Wannabe" tries to hit the mark but fail - can I say the song is bad? I'm not sure since there's two parts of the song, but neither fit well together. "Wannabe" leaves me confused and hopefully HyoYeon's next comeback will be more put together.

Final Score: 5/10

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