Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Purple Stone to Release First Full Album

Purple Stone has announced that they'll be releasing their first full album, "Aka to Ao", on August 23rd.

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Despite the fact that the band has been active for almost five years, this upcoming release will only consist of songs from past singles, with the exception of a couple new tracks. Two types will be available for 2700 yen, each containing a different track list of their previous releases in addition to the new songs and no new PV.

TYPE A Track List:
  1. Panic Panic!
  2. BLAME (Re-recording ver.)
  3. Aoi Yami
  4. Mirror Ball
  5. Imperial Dragon (Instrumental)
  6. Kaitenmokuba
  7. sakura.
  8. Scar (Re-recording ver.)
  9. Desaba
  10. Catwalk
  11. Subarashiki Kono Sekai e

TYPE B Track List:
  1. Poison Chocolate
  2. BLAME (Re-recording ver.)
  3. Desaba
  4. Kabukichou Butterfly
  5. Imperial Dragon (Instrumental)
  6. sakura.
  7. Mirror Ball
  8. Scar (Re-recording ver.)
  9. Usotsuki Pierrot
  10. Amazuppai Mango
  11. Adrenaline BANG!

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