Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Hello! Project Group Re-organization in Progress

Morito Chisaki

Hello! Project will be re-organizing some of the groups, including Angerme, Morning Musume and more. 

Members moving around will include Chisaki MoritoNanami Yanagawa & Musubu Funaki from Country Girls. Remaining members Risa Yamaki and Mai Ozeki will be staying with the group.

Ayano Kawamura
However, these members will be focusing on their studies so the group can be considered on hiatus. That being said, they will be reuniting as a 5-member group during holidays and school breaks.

In addition, three trainees will be graduating as full members and join other idol groups. Ruru Danbara will be joining Juice=Juice alongside Nanami Yanagawa.

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Ayano Kawamura joins ANGERME together with Musubu Funaki. Chisaki Morito joins Morning Musume.

The 3rd graduating member Reina Ichioka will be the leader of a new girl group, which hasn't been fully announced yet.

Hello! Project's summer tour kicks off in July 2017. The group's with their new lineup will be present. Ichioka will also participate, although without her group. 

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