Monday, 19 June 2017

GreeΣ Two-New Consecutive Single Releases

GreeΣ has announced that they will be releasing their second and third singles in July and August of this year.

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Both singles are live-limited releases and can be picked up at their lives on July 12th, "Akirame Philosophy" and August 4th, "Dakara Kirai Nanda, Ame Nante."

"Akirame Philosophy" Track list:
  1. Akirame Philosophy
  2. Fake
"Dakara Kirai Nanda, Ame Nante" Track List
  1. Dakara Kirai Nanda, Ame Nante.
  2. Rojiura to Shonen
GreeΣ will also be holding a tour and event in August.

“Kore ga Boku no Nozonda Mezame Nara” Tour
08/16/2017 - Nagoya music farm
08/18/2017 - Osaka clapper
08/31/2017 - Shibuya REX ※Machi’s Birthday

GreeΣ Organized Event “Yukata Senshuken -Anata ga Erabu Natsuo-”
08/04/2017 - Shibuya REX

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