Tuesday, 30 May 2017

℃-ute's Mai Hagiwara Retiring from Entertainment Industry

℃-ute's Mai Hagiwara has had enough of the entertainment industry and thus she's retiring. 

With C-ute's upcoming disbandment on June 12th, Hagiwara sees no point in continuing her entertainment career. Instead, the idol decided she will travel around and study English.

"I want to experience different cultures, and grow by living by myself. So, the first thing I want to do short term is go abroad and study English," Hagiwara said.

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Of course, Hagiwara is nervous about living alone but has decided to take the step forward regardless. Despite the decision to leave the entertainment industry, the idol expressed a certain thankfulness for her time in the group.

Hagiwara has been a founding member of C-ute since it formed in 2005 as a Hello! Project group. The group's final performance will be held on June 12th at the Saitama Super Arena.

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