Saturday, 22 April 2017

Suzy Might Go Independent from JYP Entertainment

Suzy might not stay with JYP Entertainment, shown by the two parties inability to agree on contract terms, With it being about a month since the contract expired, Suzy might be starting her own one-man agency. 

The contract between the two ended on March 31st, and despite discussions being made, no real progress has apparently been made. JYP Entertainment stated that there's an ongoing discussion, but nothing has changed since their previous update.

Insiders reveal Suzy might be starting up her own one-man agency, following information she's been discussing this with several close friends. Suzy has allegedly sought out information about the process and experience of a one-man agency from fellow colleagues.

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Despite 3 weeks since the contract expired, Suzy and JYP Entertainment are still discussing the future. Normally a contract is discussed about 6-months prior to it expiring, showing that Suzy might still be holding out for a better deal.

Suzy is currently filming for her drama series, "While You Were Sleeping", and she's expected to reveal her decision once filming is done.

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