Wednesday, 15 March 2017

GOTCHAROCKA Announces Third Full Album for May

GOTCHAROCKA has announced that they will be releasing their third full album, "SCREAMY", on May 10th.

Two limited editions will be available for this release, each including CD+DVD. 13 tracks (with a differing 11th track) and a music video+behind the scenes will be available on each type.

[CD Tracklist]
  1. The Screamers
  3. Good morning Tokyo!
  4. Zangeki
  5. Mission
  6. Isho
  7. Rainfall
  8. DramaQueeN
  9. Akai Muffler wo Maita Onna no Ko
  10. Marry me,cause I hate U
  11. asymMETRY (Limited Edition A)
  12. Akane to ai (Limited Edition B)
  13. Ash
  14. Brilliant days
[DVD Tracklist]
  1. Zangeki Music Video (Limited Edition A)
  2. Zangeki Music Video Making (Limited Edition A)
  3. Brilliant days Music Video (Limited Edition B)
  4. Brilliant days Music Video Making (Limited Edition B)
Be sure to check out the band's new profile photos below!

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