Saturday, 14 January 2017

SEKAI NO OWARI's Nakajin Announces Engagement & Saori Marries Director

SEKAI NO OWARI's Nakajin and Saori announced some major news, namely an engagement and marriage! 

First and foremost, Nakajin has become engaged with a non-celebrity woman. Pianist Saori has announced the marriage to director Dai Ikeda.

Nakajin has been dating the woman for about four years. In regards to the engagement he revealed that he still considers himself immature, but with her he feels like he can overcome anything in life. A sweet praise to have towards his future wife.

Saori has announced her marriage to Ikeda, whom she as been dating for about five years. In regards to the marriage, Saori said her husband was always thinking of her health, even when she was busy working. She also stated it's not the end of the band, instead she'll devote herself even more to the band as well as her husband.

Hopefully this will quiet rumors about Saori and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's potential relationship. 

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