Saturday, 21 January 2017

Rihwa Goes on Hiatus Following Vocal Chord Polyps Issues

Rihwa has gone on a temporary hiatus to seek treatment for her vocal chord polyps. 

The singer knew about her condition before seeking treatment, but decided to continue singing anyway. However, due to the size of the polyps, she has decided to finally seek medical treatment.

Rihwa's treatment will be to simply remove the polyps. Following the surgery, she'll go on an hiatus from February to rest and recover.

"I decided to seek treatment so that I can continue singing in the future...This year on July 11 it is my 5th anniversary since debuting. My goal is to be able to make you laugh and smile on that day," Rihwa stated.

A concert was planned on March 3rd at CLUB QUATTRO in Hiroshima. Unfortunately, this will be cancelled. Refunds will be issued to those who already bought tickets and Rihwa has personally  apologized. 

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