Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Kim Sae Rom Filmed As She Abuses Her Husband Lee Chan Oh

Actress Kim Sae Rom and husband, chef Lee Chan Oh, are getting divorced. Originally thought to be because of infidelity, a video was released showing the actress violently beating her husband.

Following the divorce announcement, netizens speculated the split was due to Lee Chan Oh's infidelity. A few months earlier, photos of Lee Chan Oh and an unidentified woman was released, showing the woman sitting on his lap.

Around that time, Kim Sae Rom's husband was enjoying popularity as a celebrity chef on the show, "Take Care Of My Fridge".

The video which was released shows Kim Sae Rom abusing her husband as she's drunk. The video shows her kicking him as he's lying down. As he's being kicked, he's recording the abuse. The date of the recording seems to be before his alleged infidelity. The source of the recording also states it's not the first time abuse like this occurred.

Because of the recording, netizens are suspecting the divorce wasn't simply due to Lee Chan Oh's cheating. As for Kim Sae Rom, he agency simply stated, "we're checking into it".

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