Sunday, 25 September 2016

Melvel to Release Best Album Before Disbanding

A couple weeks following the addition of a new member, Melvel announced that they would be disbanding next February. But before that date arrives, the band will be releasing a best album.

With the history of revolving members, it's almost a miracle the band has made it this far. Just after the departure of Ba. Ryu and the addition of Gt. Lime, it seemed the band was ready to keep pushing forward, especially since the group announced a new single for their alter-ego band. Unfortunately, attendance at their lives was not enough to sustain the group to press onward.

Melvel's best album release, "Hajimari Monogatari", will be available at their lives starting November 21st for 3000 yen.

[Track List]
  1. Secret Murphy
  2. Ehon Kangoku Desmo
  3. Manmaru Otsuki-Sama
  4. Take Kara Kaguya Keikaku
  5. Meido no Maid
  6. Omocha no Karakurism
  7. Fuhai Roughrare
  8. Trinity Summit
  9. Smour Chandelle
  10. Star of Bethlehem
  11. Gomigomi Zange
  12. Onenne Alice
Melvel's alter-ego band "Deathvel" will also be releasing a new single, "Mezame Yumezame", at their live on October 24th.

[Track List]
  1. Yume no Iriguchi
  2. Umareta Shinda
  3. Yume no Hakogacha
Melvel will hold their last live on February 2, 2017 at Shinjuku RUIDO K4.

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