Friday, 23 September 2016

Lycaon Making Comeback as Initial'L

It's been a nearly year since the members of Lycaon stood on stage as a band, and now the same five individuals have announced that they will be making a return as a new band called "Initial'L".

Last week, ex-Lycaon's vocalist Yuuki let it be known that he'd be making an important announcement in a week. The news turned out to be the formation of their new band along with a new single.

Initial'L members:
Vo. Yuuki (悠希)
Gt.Satoshi (サトシ)
Ba. Hiyuu (緋遊)
Dr. Ichiru (一朗)

Initial'L will hold their live will be held at Nicofarre Roppongi on November 6th, which will also be the 1st anniversary of Lycaon's last live at AKASAKA BLITZ last year.

The band's first maxi-single, "MOON LIGHT DOWN", will be released November 30th under Rock Life Records. TYPE A will come CD+A5-size 20-paged booklet for 2160 yen and TYPES B and C will come CD only for 1620 yen.

[Track List]
2. Pathos (TYPE A)
3. Okuribi (TYPE A)
2. Dokujo (TYPE B)
3. Labyrinth (TYPE B)
2. Nostalgia (TYPE C)
3. Kuchizuke (TYPE C)


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