Saturday, 18 June 2016

Yoochun Accused of Raping Two More Women

JYJ's Yoochun has been accused of raping two more women. The singer was previously accused of raping two females in the bathroom of an adult establishment. 

The first woman who stepped forward eventually dropped her charges, stating the sexual meeting was consensual albeit he was condescending towards her afterward.

It was also revealed the first woman, Lee, approached Yoochun's agency,  C-JeS Entertainment, for an apology and compensation for the incident. The executive personell allegedly tried to solve the issue several times before she filed a legal complaint. They seemed very keen to keep it away from the news and legal channels.

The 2nd woman came forward in wake of the first woman, citing she found courage to report it despite it happening in December of 2015.

Dispatch wrote up the story, revealing the third woman was raped in June of 2014, making it two years now. The exact date of the rape is allegedly June 12th, 2014 and it once again occurred in a washroom.

Apparently a group of people went to Yoochun's house after he paid a visit to the adult entertainment establishment or a bar. Once there the woman was raped in the washroom.

The fourth woman states she were raped in 2015, where he also took her to a bathroom and raped her.

Due to the severity of the situation and how many females have come forward with allegations of rape, the police has set up a task force consisting of 9 police officers to investigate the claims. 

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