Thursday, 16 June 2016

Sexual Assault Charges Against Yoochun Dropped

The sexual charges against JYJ's Yoochun have been dropped, much to the star's relief. 

Earlier this week Yoochun was accused of raping a woman in a bathroom of an adult entertainment establishment. The woman who was raped, Lee, works as a waitress in the establishment. The legal accusation was submitted by her boyfriend. 

Lee's boyfriend claim the rape took place on June 3rd, with Yoochun forcefully taking her in one of the bathrooms. Her boyfriend also provided the clothes that she wore during the evening, and which were forced off during the rape. 

However, Yoochun's side has denied all allegations, stating they're only after financial gain. His agency further stated that they won't talk to the party anymore, even if they suffer damage to the celebrity's image. 

The charges against Yoochun were recently dropped since Ms. Lee came forward and stated she wasn't raped, but she did indeed have sexual intercourse with the singer. 

According to her statement, she felt the singer had a condescending attitude towards her once their sexual meeting came to a stop. Apparently she also didn't like the general air of superiority the singer and his agency, C-JeS.

The agency haven't released any statement about the charges being dropped. 

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