Saturday, 18 June 2016

Netizens Investigate The "Body Show" Yoochun Paid For

Netizens have investigated what the so called "body shows" are since it seems Yoochun has been paying for those in adult entertainment establishments. 

Dispatch has clarified that the singer didn't pay the first alleged rape victim, Lee, 600,000 won (~$512 USD) for sex.

A staff from the adult entertainment establishment instead says he paid half that amount, 300,ooo won or ~$256 USD), to another girl. The girl then participated in what's called a "body show", which include the female worked going up on a table and stripping out of her underwear. 

However, the female employee may also perform several sexual acts such as pouring liquor on herself or even putting a cigarette in her private parts. After finding out what body shows are and involve, netizens expressed disgust and contempt towards Yoochun & his crew for paying for such shows.  

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