Thursday, 16 June 2016

JYJ's Yoochun Accused of Raping Another Woman

Following the previous rape allegations, JYJ's Yoochun has been accused of raping yet another woman. 

Recently the singer was accused of raping a woman in the bathroom of an adult entertainment establishment. However, the charges were dropped after the woman confessed to the sexual meeting being consensual.

On June 16th, a new allegation against the singer was made. According to the  new woman, whose name hasn't been revealed, she was raped in December of 2015. The rape occurred in a bathroom belonging to an adult entertainment establishment.

The woman stated, "He said let’s go talk in the washroom because it was too loud in the room. When we were in there, I was thinking about how far I should let things go on for and then he raped me." 

The woman further stated she said no several times, yet he continued. Why she delayed making the report she cited because she "didn’t want to lose the only way to make money" and that he's a huge star, so it would have a great impact. 

She added, "I worked up the courage [to report it] when I heard that another instance like this happened."

Yoochun's company, C-JeS Entertainment, released an official statement: 

"Hello this is CJes Entertainment.  
We are sorry to worry a lot of people by being involved in such incidents continuously. The second lawsuit against Park Yoochun which was just reported is false and we plan to make them take responsibility for defaming our artist and more.
Police investigation is well underway regarding the first incident and we believe that he will soon be proven innocent. 
We are very shaken that while questioning hasn’t even begun for the first incident yet another false lawsuit was filed against him and that we found out through press. 
Park Yoochun is currently under immense mental stress. Please refrain from reports based on false facts and wait for results from the police investigators. 
If any charges are proven and he is proven guilty of any crime he will forever retire from the entertainment industry."

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