Monday, 16 May 2016

SuperBee & Swings Called Out for Sexual Lyrics About "Produce 101" Contestants

SuperBee & Swings are in hot water after sexual lyrics seemingly targeting the "Produce 101" contestants.

Swings released a mix-tape back in March of 2016 titled "Levitate 2". The tape got criticised for the sexual lyrics seemingly about the TV show contestants.

Dispatch found a problem with the track "Everything", which features rapper SuperBee. One of the lines in the track reads, "101 pretty sexy bitches without t***y masks in my bedroom."

Fans found issues with the lyrics since it seemed to be about the contestants of "Produce 101". Important to note is that the female trainees are mostly underage.

The issue caused a netizen to ask SuperBee on social media if he watched the show, to which he responded the song was made last year and is based off "101 Dalmatians".

Netizens aren't buying the excuse due to the language used in the track. Instead of "mari", which is used to count dalmatians, the lyrics say "myung", which is used to count people.

Furthermore, the lyrics seems to be about trainee Jung Eun Woo's shirt accident, where it showed she wasn't wearing a bra underneath her shirt. 

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