Thursday, 19 May 2016

Sulli Suddenly Deletes Instagram, Shocking Fans

Sulli, formerly part of f(x), has left fans shocked as she suddenly deleted her Instagram account. The idol has been criticised over her Instagram photos in the past. 

It seems the singer and actress eventually gave away for the pressure from fans and deleted her account.

Fans and netizens showed surprise and even shock on May 18th, following her deletion. Some are happy, stating she can no longer fall victim to malicious comments.

Sulli has been under fire a lot after her departure from f(x), along with some time before it occurring. In 2014, the actress cut the promotions for the group's single, "Red Light", short and then disappearing from the spotlight.

Excluding the previous news, she's also been seen sporting what seems to be an engagement ring, although it's debatable if it actually is one.

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