Thursday, 19 May 2016

Sojin Only Member in Girl's Day Allowed to Date

Sojin is the only member in Girl's Day that's allowed to date. 

It was during the filming of SBS's "Law of the Jungle" May 20th episode the idol revealed she was allowed to date.

During the episode which took place in Papua New Guinea, Kim Ji Min asked about the dating possibilities for her and her fellow group members.

Kim Ji Min asked, "Even if you have a boyfriend, you have to say you don't have one, right?". Apink's Hayoung stated that was the case, but Sojin denied, saying she's the only one in the group allowed to have a relationship.

Sojin stated, "I'm the only member in my group who has permission to date. They told me to date if I have someone to date."

The new episode of "Law of the Jungle" airs on May 20th, 10 PM KST. 

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