Monday, 2 May 2016

SCREW, Girugamesh and DOAK Announce Disbandment

The j-rock scene has taken a heavy hit today as three bands have announced that they will be disbanding later on this year.

Two of these bands have become incredibly popular over the last ten years, so their disbandment is both sad and disappointing.

The first of these bands is Girugamesh, who will be disbanding after their live at Zepp DiverCity on July 10th. Over the last 12 years, the members have put in their best effort and dedication into the band and promise to bring forth their best show at their final live.

The second band that will be leaving the scene will be SCREW. Their last performance will be after their live tour "BREATHE ONE'S LAST BREATH..." tour final at TSUTAYA O-East on November 1st. Despite the loss of two members, SCREW has pressed on as a group.
Actually, although of course we've been doing our best these 10 years, the limit of SCREW is something we have been discussing since the start of the year.
Despite the departure of Yuto and Rui, we've remained positive in the face of adversity. Our fans supported and cheered for us.
But somehow we've lost sight of our goal, the struggle became reality, and we began to think that maybe SCREW can no longer exist as SCREW.
-Dr. Jin
The last band to announce disbandment was formed just last year. DOAK will be joining the lineup of disbanding groups after their live at Ikebukuro EDGE on August 20th. The band stated that the simple reason for this breakup is because of musical differences.

As the day comes to pass, it's sad to see so many bands that were around so long announce that it's time to move on. With any luck, maybe some of the band members will return to the stage again someday.

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