Monday, 9 May 2016

Journalist Attacked by Netizens for Sexually Objectifying EXID's Hani

A journalist made netizens angry after an article went up, focusing on EXID's Hani. The title of a photo in the article caused issues, as it's sexually objectifying Hani. 

The caption of the photo, which shows Hani singing her solo part in a song, surrounded by male dancers, reads, "Hani, luxurious body that calls for bad manner hands".

The male dancers touches several body parts, such as waist, shoulder, hip, and calf. However, netizens believe the title of the photo encourages sexual harassment.

Netizens reactions:

[+29, -4] What a title I would sue this reporter if I were Hani..

[+32, -2] 댓I guess I’m not the only one that was bothered by the title. The idea that a good body calls sexual harassment is so ridiculous and offensive. It’s rude to the dancers and performers as well. Reporters need to act like professionals.

[+28, -4] These titled and the way men portray women I feel are very condescending. They objectify women….and imply rape/sexual harassment are partly the fault of women..please think before posting these titles.

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