Saturday, 16 April 2016

Sulli And Choiza Spotted on Date

Sulli and Choiza was recently caught on photos as they were on a date. Despite malicious rumors about the two, the photos produced somewhat positive responses. 

The post, titled "Hul I Witnessed Choiza and Sulli’s Date", was posted on Pann.
“Hul I saw Sulli and Choiza around 4-5 PM today!!! Some student posted this but I guess they even took a photo with her as well… I really want to see Sulli’s visuals in real life T_T_T I guess the two went there without a manager.. It is good to see them dating and being in love T_T Despite their celebrity statuses, it seems that they are freely dating and loving each other.. haha”

Some of the comments included:

[ +173 / -34] She is really pretty. I have never seen someone so pretty.

[ +150 / -10] Wow her hair is really long. I bet it takes an hour to dry that haha

[ +149 / -15] She looks pretty despite photos being taken like that

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