Tuesday, 5 April 2016

SM Entertainment's New Group NCT Hated on By Netizens

SM Entertainment's new boy group, NCT, is being hated on by netizens due to member Taeyong's past. 

In the past, Taeyong allegedly posted demeaning comments about a group of Japanese students. In the post, the word "retard" was used multiple times. In addition to that, he was also accused of scamming others. 

SM Entertainment published a response to the rumors: 

“He deeply regrets his actions from middle school when he wasn’t old enough to properly judge right from wrong. He would like to apologize to everyone who he affected back than. Not only will Taeyong, but the company also will try our best to raise him to be an artist with both great skill and personal values.”
However, the response hasn't helped netizens to settle. Comments include: 

[+ 3643, – 92] Shouldn’t you guys get rid of that scammer? You can’t just cover for him and say he was immature

[+ 2454, – 50] They are gathering a lot of attention and popularity pre-debut but the question is how large the fandom will grow. The public already don’t like them because of the scammer

[+ 2237, – 45] Are there really going to be otakus that will stan even that group?

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