Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Wonder Girls' Yubin Files Lawsuits Against Malicious Comments

Wonder Girls' Yubin has been suffering from malicious comments aimed towards her. JYP Entertainment has had enough and has officially filed a lawsuit against the commentator. 

The agency commented on March 19th, stating the malicious comments were unfounded. They also stated Yubin and her family suffered badly from the comments.

“Hello. This is JYP Entertainment. 
Recently there have been malicious rumors about Wonder Girls’ Yubin circulating online and we are revealing our stance.
We strongly deny the unfounded vicious rumors about Yubin that have spread online. Since the rumors are especially difficult for women, Yubin and her family are going through an extremely tough time. 
While revealing that these rumors are false, JYP Entertainment plans on taking strong legal action against anyone who creates, spreads, and magnifies the rumors online or through any other means. The agency is currently gathering evidence and will go through legal procedures with a zero tolerance policy. 
We would like to repeat that any unlawful acts regarding defamation and malicious rumors will be treated with strong legal action. 
Thank you.”
It was announced on March 29th that those circulating the comments will be sued for defamation. JYPE stated, "We will respond firmly without mercy". 

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