Friday, 4 March 2016

Tang AnQi Undergoes Skin Graft Surgeries

Tang AnQi from SNH48 has undergone her first round of skin graft surgeries following the tragic incident where she was engulfed in flames. 

On March 4th, SNH48's agency updated fans & netizens about Tang's condition. In a statement they revealed she's undergone her first round of skin graft surgeries.

The surgeries involved her eyes, eyelids, arms and knees. Dead tissue, also known as necrotic tissue, was also removed.

Depending on her condition next week, she may also receive surgeries on her legs. Tang AnQi isn't out of the woods yet, with the risk of infection running high through the month.

As of now, no one is allowed to visit the idol.  Family & friends were also asked by the hospital to not disturb hospital workers.

On March 1st, Tang AnQi was set aflame at a cafe. Initially it seemed liked her friend set her on fire, but other reports suggest she did it herself.

The flammability of her clothes also came into question during the Chinese program,"Morning News". The show tested the flammability of various down coats and silk stockings, like those the idol wore when she was lit on fire, and none produced the same result.

The stockings for instance didn't burn up like expected, instead a hole was burnt through and the flame burnt out. After the stockings, the program tested to light the down jacket on fire and the result was disappointing then, too. 

Instead of immediately bursting into flames, the jacket took approximately 5 minutes to burn. A firefighter commented the flame could have been accelerated if the flame came into contact with skin oil. 

However, it's clear the situation is more confusing than it initially appeared. A police investigation is currently underway, and hopefully it will yield results soon.

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