Sunday, 27 March 2016

MAMAMOO "You’re The Best" Allegedly Plagiarized

MAMAMOO's recent song "You're The Best" is under the scrutinizing lens of netizens. The track is allegedly plagiarized from Aqua's "Happy Boys & Girls".

Produced by Kim Do Hoon, "You're The Best" has become very popular in South Korean charts.

The original accusation was posted on Pann by a netizens, who compared the track to Aqua's "Happy Boys & Girls". 

Comments from Pann, translated by Koreaboo, reads as following:

[ +115 / -17] Plagiarism hunter really hate idols right? They always post videos saying ‘This is my opinion’ hahahahah I mean there are many similarities in those accusations but sometimes, they always focus on idols’ songs so they’re not trustworthy

[ +106 / -15] I can’t trust plagiarism hunters… If what they post is correct, it means there are no other songs in Korea that isn’t plagiarized. It feels as if they pin point some parts and say its plagiarism

[ +105 / -82] I liked Block B before their debut and I really liked Zico but these two songs are similar to plagiarism… Don’t just give me thumbs down for no reason but these songs are so similar. T_T

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