Sunday, 6 March 2016

Lee Guk Joo Statement About Female Celebrities Causes Controversy

Comedian Lee Guk Joo's comments about female celebrities have caused fans to criticize her. 

Being known for hilarious jokes, netizens feel like the female comedian have taken things a bit too far as of late.

FNC Entertainment's Lady Jane was recently called out by Lee Guk Joo for having a "big face and small shoulders", urging the singer to refrain from doing open radio shows.

In a comment, the comedian stated, “I saw her in the changing room and she has a big face and small shoulders. Please refrain from doing open radio shows. She’s also lonely and flirts a lot. I hope Dong Min oppa doesn’t fall for her. Unni you’re not a goddes and you have a big head but fighting you can do well. You will become daebak”

Netizens commented the comedian easily gets jealous of pretty female celebrities. Some also states it always feel like there's a serious tone to the jokes. 

Others weren't as nice, stating she's a "fat and ugly lady" who makes money on the expenses of others. 

What do you think? Did Lee Guk Joo pass the limit of what's acceptable or not? 

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