Monday, 14 March 2016

GOTCHAROCKA Announces Mini Album Details

It's been several months since GOTCHAROCKA first announced their second mini album, but the band has now confirmed the release, "Rainfall" for May 11th.

The mini album will come in two TYPES. Limited edition will include CD+DVD for 2900 yen and regular edition will come CD only for 2400 yen.

[Track List]
  1. Rainfall
  2. Assasin
  3. V_V GIRL
  4. Aimai ai Chuudoku
  5. A sparrow with a crow
  6. Funny restaurant “THE END” (Regular Edition)
  1. Rainfall (PV+Offshot)
GOTCHAROCKA will hold their live tour "Not a drop of Rain falls" from May 21st at Nishikawaguchi HEARTS through June 26th for Jui's birthday live "at Shinjuku ReNY".

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