Wednesday, 2 March 2016

GILLE Enters Hiatus Following Vocal Cord Issues

Japanese singer GILLE is going on hiatus following her diagnosis of vocal chord polyps.

Her hiatus was announced on February 29th via her official website. The hiatus starts on March 31st, with all activities planned after the date, including her nationwide tour, will be cancelled.

The discomfort in her throat started a few months. After a visit at the hospital she was diagnosed with vocal chord polyps. Since the condition wasn't serious, she was allowed to continue her activities. Due to a deterioration in her condition, GILLE will halt upcoming activities and focus on receiving treatment. 

The singer released her 3rd album, "REAL", on March 2nd. The limited edition comes with a ticket to the nationwide tour that was planned to occur over the summer. Those tickets are no longer valid.

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