Sunday, 6 March 2016

G-Dragon Accused of Undergoing Plastic Surgery

G-Dragon is under the criticizing eye of netizens. Many suspect he has undergone plastic surgery on his face. 

In a recent interview, the BIGBANG member discussed being chosen as a model for a cosmetic brand. Although he's happy over being selected for the endorsement, he doesn't understand why exactly.

Rather than having the focus on the artist's words, netizens reacted to G-Dragon's face. After seeing his face from the broadcast, many are suspecting he had done work on his face.

Some netizens commented he looked like he has received injections, due to how swollen his face has become. Another commented his nose looked a bit funny.

What do you think? 

1 comment:

  1. Lol..the funniest thing is how stupid people can be. just because his face looks different that day they went off and say "oh snap his face looks different, yeah he got something done" like what?? so if I go to some professional makeup artist to get my face done such as "contour" to make my nose more define, automatically people assume I get my nose done too? These people don't have any validate to their accusation. Ignorant who ever believe this crap.