Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Yang Hyun Suk Jokingly Claims No YG Entertainment Albums in 2016

Yang Hyun Suk, CEO of YG Entertainment, recently joked the company wouldn't release any albums this year. Fans didn't believe it was a joke, taking to internet to express their worry.

YG Entertainment and Antenna Music both took auditioners they were interested in during this season of K-Pop Star. During the broadcast, Yang Hyun Suk joked they weren't going to release any new albums this year due to the company being in a bad condition.

He also said in response to the auditioners, “I’ve lost both my picks” and "2016 is really not a year full of luck so far

"(Jokingly) There will be no YG singer album for a while," he said. However, fans didn't quite believe he was joking. 

Comments included: 
  • why….why…
  • Please I want an album from AKMU…
  • Well this sounds ominous…
  • why doe this not sound like a joke?
  • He speaks as if he made albums left and right ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • No…please..
  • You’re making me worried…

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