Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Kanon Suzuki Graduates from Morning Musume. '16 & Hello Project!

Kanon Suzuki will graduate both from Morning Musume. '16 & Hello Project! in general. 

The idol will graduate after the spring concert tour is concluded. Suzuki joined the idol group in 2001 as a 9th generation member.

She has been a beloved member by fans, even earning the nickname "Zukki". She also served as one of the centers for the group's latest single, "Oh my wish!". 

Suzuki posted a message on Hello Project!'s official website:

"Since last year, I started thinking a lot about my future seriously. I always thought that 'I want to be helpful to people' since I was little, and I thought about what I could do in the future. All the activities as Morning Musume were very fun and meaningful, but among them, seeing the smiles on people who I met through the events for 'SATOYAMA movement' and 'SATOUMI movement' were just wonderful, and it made me wish that I could be a part of this kind of job.
'Being helpful to people'...there are various ways for it, but I strongly felt that I want to help people, make them smile, and make them happy in a different way. Therefore, I've decided to go toward my dream that 'I want to work in welfare industry'."

She concluded with, "Using my experiences as a Morning Musume member, I would like to continue my activities with cherishing my time as a member more than ever, and without forgetting my gratitude toward you who always support me."

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