Sunday, 21 February 2016

i.Rias Gain New Member + New Album Release

As of February 21st, i.Rias has gained a new member and announced that they will be releasing their first full album in May.

Back in August, Gt. Mina left the group due to family reasons. About half a year later, Gt. Neon has joined, returning the band to their five-member state.

In addition to this, the band also announced that their new album "Re:sume" will be released on May 25th, although details behind this release have not yet been announced.

TYPE A will include a CD (10 songs) and a DVD (PV included) for 3780 yen. TYPE B will include a CD (11 songs) for 3240 yen.

i.Rias will hold their one-man live "N.I.A-isolated-" on June 3rd at Shinsaibashi soma, on June 10th at NAGOYA HOLIDAY NEXT, on June 26th at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE and on July 3rd at OSAKA RUIDO.

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