Monday, 1 February 2016

G-Friend's SinB Praised After Media Compares Her to Jessica

G-Friend's SinB has received a lot of praise, with Jessica Jung (ex-Girls' Generation member), being mocked after media compares the two. 

Although SinB was originally known for a Jessica look-a-like, netizens criticised media when comparing the two.

Some went as far as saying that SinB being compared to Jessica would be an insult to the former. Comments from netizens were translated by Koreaboo:

[+ 226, – 26] Nope
[+ 167, – 20] What a load of sh**
[+ 264, – 152] She’s prettier then Jessica
[+ 27, – 13] All of G-Friend’s noses are weird
[+ 26, – 3] I saw her pictures when she was younger and she used to be so much prettier. Their agency messed their noses up by taking them to the wrong plastic surgery clinic; This girl and the girl with eyesmiles looked better pre-debut

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