Saturday, 6 February 2016

DIAURA, MEJIBRAY & More Bands Suffer from Influenza

Influenza is around the corner, with many visual kei bands, such as DIAURA, MEJIBRAY and more being affected. 

Last week, iNSOMNiA's guitarist yua was absent from their live due to the influenza. On January 26th, VIVALET was supposed to perform in Tokyo but vocalist MARY fell ill.

Mix Speaker's, Inc.'s bassist seek and drummer S will not be able to perform at the band's live in Tokyo today, either. The live show will still take place. 

DIAURA's yo-ka and MEJIBRAY's Tsuzuku are both on a two-man tour. However, since the front men are absent due to sickness, the bands decided to change the live to a free performance.

Fans can apply to change their tickets for another live, or get their money refunded. DIAURA's guitarist Kei will celebrate his birthday tomorrow at Aomori. The band plans to perform there with both vocalists. 

DIAURA already had poor luck this year, with drummer Tatsuya already pausing activities between February 2nd and 4th due to influenza. 

DaizyStripper's vocalist Yuugiri is also sick and their live on February 4th has been postponed. The concert at Kashiwa will take place another day. 

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