Monday, 29 February 2016

Ai Kago Retires from Girls Beat!! Due to High Age

Girls Beat!! recently held a special live concert to commemorate the graduation of founding member Ai Kago

On February 29th, the group performed a set of 4 songs Tokyo at CLUB QUATRO. During the special live, the group hugged and cried as they performed for the last time.

On February 15th, Ai Kago announced she would be graduating to focus on her solo career. During the concert she revealed her age played an important  part in her decision to graduate. 

"I admit that it was somewhat difficult being a 28-year-old [in the idol industry]," she said.

Although she's no longer part of the group, she wishes fans to continue support Girls Beat!!, especially since there's plans for future additions. 

Girls Beat!! was formed in 2014 by Kago as an attempt for her to return to the music scene. The attempt was failed when Kago's husband was arrested later that year. The idol went on a hiatus and the group restarted activities without her in September of 2015.

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