Monday, 4 January 2016

RoNo☆Cro to Lose Second Member And Disband

In only two months, RoNo☆Cro is about to lose their second member before entering a period of paused activity and finally disbandment.

Joining Gt. Mello, who departed last month on December 12th, will be Gt. Setsuki, who will take his leave February 20th. Specific reasons for this departure have not been shared, however, the band has confirmed their disbandment set for May.

Vo. Minami foreshadowed this decision back when their first guitarist left, so this announcement is not a complete shock to fans. At the same time, after four years of activity, it's hard to see another established band leave the scene.

Before their last live, RoNo☆Cro will release one last conceptual single, "RoNo☆Cro Kaisansurutte yo (ろのくろ、解散するってよ。)" on Mary 16th.

Three TYPES will be available:
  • TYPE A Owari to Hajimari no Kyoku (~終わりと始まりの曲)~ (540 yen) will include CD only with 1 new unreleased song
  • TYPE B~Reon (玲音) side~ (1,620 yen) will include CD+checki with 2 new unreleased songs
  • TYPE C~Minami side~ (1,620 yen) will include CD+checki with 2 new unreleased songs
(5 new songs total)

RoNo☆Cro will pause musical activities after their one-man live "【GENTeN KAiKI】3rd STAGE「Two future」" at Takadanobaba AREA on February 20th (Gt Setsuki's departure live), and they will hold their final one-man live "【GENTeN KAiKI】FINAL STAGE「AD"C"DE」" at TSUTAYA O-West on May 21st.

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