Tuesday, 26 January 2016

RIP SLYME Release Jacket Photo for New Single "Take It Easy"

RIP SLYME has released a jacket photo for their upcoming single, "Take It Easy", which drops on March 2nd. 

The single's two songs, "Take it Easy" and "Drop!" are both going to be used in the movie "Chin'yuki", which is released on February 27th. The opening song is "Take it Easy" while "Drop!" is used as the ending theme. 

The jacket has a groovision theme, with a gradient color poop. The gradient poop also appears in the movie and advertising material. 

Limited edition of the single includes a "designer mini-poo towel". In the first press-edition of the regular version you get a "your eyes eye poop sticker".
Limited Edition Jacket
Regular Edition Jacket 

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