Sunday, 31 January 2016

Rainbow's Comeback Draws Out Netizen Comments

Rainbow's comeback has left a trail of comments from netizens. With the disbandment of KARA, fans fear for the group's future. 

Many netizens admitted to be fans of Rainbow, but due to DSP Media's disbandment, fans are concerned. Even more so when the former group's contract is set to expire soon. 

Due to this, netizens speculate the future of the group depends heavily on the performance of upcoming releases. 

Comments from netizen include: 

[+886, -14] If it’s another song like Blakc Swan just leave dsp
[+653, -12] Mach, To Me, A are really good
[+459, -17] I hope you succeed this time !!!
[+361, -16] Now is the time for them to come out of the garden
[+263, -17] Finally!!!Rainbow making a comeback I hope the song is amazing.

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