Saturday, 30 January 2016

PSY Appearing in 3 New Year Specials in China

PSY is the first foreign artist to appear in 3 New Year specials happening in China. The artist is known for his hit songs "Gangnam Style" & "Daddy". 

YG Entertainment confirmed the news on January 29th, stating the artist filmed three Chinese New Year specials for DragonTV, JSTV and LRTV. The specials drew in around 2.9 billion in audiences.
The agency further stated PSY is the first artist to have the honor of performing across three New Years specials. 

Celebrations start on February 6th on LRTV, where he performs his new song "Daddy", along with the classic "Gangnam Style". He will appear alongside Chinese artists such as Lang Lang and Show Luo.

The appearance on LRTV will be followed by an appearance on JSTV where he'll perform "Gangnam Style" and "Napal Baji".Other performers will be Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai. Dragon TV performances include "Daddy” and “Dance Jockey”, which airs on February 8th.

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