Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Kang Dong Won Joining YG Entertainmnet Upsets Netizens

Kang Dong Won's decision to join YG Entertainment has left netizens upset. 

Once the news was confirmed, netizens expressed disappointment in the union. Netizens feel YG Entertainment is filled with problems and "weird kids".

Other netizens also believe other YG artists will now tirelessly mention Kang Dong Won's name in order to uphold the "family image" the company is known for.

Some comments translated by Koreaboo reads:

  • [+ 850, – 150] Dongwon….why YG…..is that really the best idea? That company’s full of troubles and weird kids..I hope he doesn’t get influenced by them..
  • [+ 723, – 71] Looks like WINNER will be showing up at Dong Won’s new movie VIP screening
  • [+ 684, – 57] Now all their artists are going to talk about Dong Won when they’re on TV.

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