Monday, 25 January 2016

Kai Tomoaki's Lawsuit Against Anna Tsuchiya Dismissed

Anna Tsuchiya is in the clear, according to Tokyo District Court. The court dismissed playwright Kai Tomoaki's 30 million Yen lawsuit against the singer. 

Tomoaki sued the singer/actress following her departure from his play "Kiseki no Singer". The play was going to depict Asami Hamada, a Japanese singer know for calling herself the "worst singer in Japan".

However, Tsuchiya backed out from the play following the revelation it wasn't, in fact, approved by Hamada. 

The lawsuit itself has been ongoing since 2014, with Tomoaki being offered 2 million Yen by Tsuchiya. He declined, stating it's not a matter of money but of honor. 

On April 27th, 2015, Tsuchiya counter-sued Tomoaki for defamation due to the lyrics in his song "ANNA". The lawsuit demanded 10 million Yen, but the final pay has been settled to 330,000 Yen.

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