Saturday, 23 January 2016

BORN to Disband in May

After eight years of activity, BORN has announced that they will be disbanding this May.

In regards to this decision, Vo. Ryoga commented on their official website that it dealt with disagreements among members. The vocalist even took a large responsibility for some of the hurt exchanges, saying
Words like 'I've got no more confidence to continue anymore' have also been traded. For this I feel that I have to shoulder much of the responsibility. I'm also at fault for this happening. 
Because if I'm stronger, it should have been possible to continue with BORN. But once the tensions began it felt impossible to return our relationship to what it used to be. -Source
While many bands use disagreements as a reason for hiatus or disbandment, it's evident that the damage that was done was enough for the members to call activities to a close, even despite manager attempts to dissuade them from doing so.

Ryoga also mentions that he also had different aspirations from his fellow band members, which indicates that we may see him appearing in other projects in the future. On the other hand, Gt. Ray has announced that he intends to leave the music industry.

The members are thankful for their fans and their years together, and they place great importance on the memories they've formed as a group.

BORN's last live will be held at Zepp DiverCity on May 26th. Their next single, and perhaps final release, "SUICIDAL MARKET〜Doze of Hope〜", will be released February 10th.

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