Sunday, 24 January 2016

BAND-MAID Fans Start Campaign for Injured Drummer

BAND-MAID's drummer Akane was injured as the band promoting their new CD, "New Beginning". Fans started a campaign which involved sending drumsticks to the drummer, showing their support. 

Recently Akane showed a photo of her favorite drumsticks, some signed by fans. Akane's message to fans read:
"I took a break from drums for 2 months because of the injury. I received many sticks with warm, encouraging messages from my masters overseas! Your words uplifted me and I was able to push through! Thank you so much!"

The drummer serves as the leader for BAND-MAID and her absence took an emotional toll on her. Hopefully the drumsticks made her feel well-loved and supported. 


  1. Akane, you are a great drummer, and I very much hope you and Band-Maid will come to London soon.
    All the best from UK

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