Tuesday, 22 December 2015

OhayoSeoul's 2015 Christmas Playlist

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with some Christmas-themed music? Here we have compiled some awesome songs related to the holiday.

"Can't Wait 'Til Christmas" by Hikaru Utada

A beautiful Christmas song about love. The lyrics are perfectly complemented by Hikaru Utada's vocals. 

"Christmas Song" by back number

Yet another love song, this time by back number. It's not your typical Christmas song, far from it. Yet it manages to keep it's rock-feel as well as remind us of Christmas. 

"Yasashii Koe" by Chanty

Not the typical Christmas song, but there's a break dancing Santa in the music video so how could we resist?

"Jin Jin Jingle Bell" feat. Pentaphonic by Nozomi Sasaki

This song is a bit of a personal favorite. I love to hate it, but I can't deny how catchy it is. Still really hate it, though. 

"This Christmas" feat. Roy Kim & Hanhae by Lee Moon Sae

Not the typical Christmas song, but the song has a nice, soft beat & sweet lyrics. 

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