Sunday, 6 December 2015

Erika Sawajiri Starring in 2-Part Fuji TV Period Drama

Erika Sawajiri will be appearing in two Fuji TV period drama specials. Both of these specials will air next year, in January. 

These two dramas are titled "Saikyo no Onna" (The Strongest Woman) and "Higeki no Shimai" (The Tragic Sisters).

In both dramas Sawajiri will play as a concubine to Tokugawa Ienari, the 11th general of the Edo Bakufu.

In the first drama, "Saikyo no Onna", Sawajiri will play as the concubine 'Omiyo' who managed to entice Ienari, and reach the highest level of the Ooku. 

In the  second special, "Higeki no Shimai", the plot revolves around Ienari's favorite concubine, 'Ume', who is played by Sawajiri. 'Ume' competes for the general's attention against her own sister, 'Uta', who is also a concubine. 

When acting for these period dramas, Sawajiri stated she wasn't familiar with the type but tried her very best to portray the different characters. During the filming she stayed in Kyoto from October to November.

"Saikyo no Onna" & "Higeki no Shimai" will air on January 22nd and 29th respectively at 9 PM (JST).

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