Saturday, 7 November 2015

GOTCHAROCKA Releases Preview + Song Samples for "Marry Me,'Cause I Hate U"

GOTCHAROCKA has released a preview for their upcoming single, "Marry Me,'Cause I Hate U", which will be released December 2nd.

Full details for this single were revealed a few weeks ago. Limited edition will include CD+DVD  for 1800 yen while the regular edition will come CD only for 1200 yen.

  1. Marry me, 'cause I hate U
  2. Tejou wo Hazusanaide (手錠をはずさないで)
  3. Marry me, 'cause I hate U (Jui-Give Up-Ver.) (Limited Edition)
  4. Mr.Heller man (Regular Edition)
Song samples are also available on their OHP and can be previewed above.

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