Thursday, 26 November 2015

Ayumi Hamasaki Aiming for New Classical Album Release

Ayumi Hamasaki will release yet another classical album. Titled "Winter diary ~A7 Classical~", it's expected to drop on December 23rd in stores. 

The songs featured on the album are from her two previous albums, "A ONE" and "sixxxxxx". Of course, each song has been reworked to fit a classical arrangement.

Violinist Machi Okabe is featured on three songs, "WARNING", "NO FUTURE", and "The Show Must Go On".

Hamasaki will also include a new song titled "Winter diary", written by Tetsuya Komuro. The song's allegedly a sequel to the singer's 2015 summer song, "Summer Diary".

Winter diary ~A7 Classical~ Track-List:
  1. WARNING  
  2. Step by step
  3. Sorrows
  4. Last minute
  5. Summer diary
  6. Sky high
  7. NO FUTURE  
  8. Out of control
  9. The GIFT 
  10. The Show Must Go On 
  11. Winter diary (Original mix) - Special track

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