Wednesday, 16 September 2015

[Review] MeteoroiD -- Tori Kago no Sarasoju wa Shika no Hana

MeteoroiD’s 4th single “Tori Kago no Sarasoju wa Shika no Hana” is a typical visual kei release with a less than stellar lineup of songs.

~Track List~
  1. Tori Kago no Sarasoju wa Shika no Hana (鳥籠ノ沙羅双樹ハ死華ノ花)
  2. Myaku Tokei (脈時計)

This couplet continues the band’s ominous, hard core rock sound. While I have no complaints of this style of music, the fact that a myriad of visual kei bands have embraced this same style makes it all the more difficult to find songs that really make an impression. This release is no different.

The A-track begins with an all-too forgettable opener and verse. Even after listening to the song a handful of times, I’m finding myself struggling to remember how the song even began. Fortunately, the chorus offsets the bland beginning. Vo. Genki reaches into the high vocal range with a sound that immediately reminded me of Muse’s song “Uprising”. With the eerie notes of the chorus, the song finally seems to establish itself with personality. The highlight is definitely the guitar melody that mirrors the chorus’ melody. The string of triplets gives the song energy. Altogether the song is a good one. It’s just a disappointment that the first 80 seconds are rather misleading. 3.5/5

The second song, “Myaku Tokei”, kicks off with a muffled ticking clock and piano. Considering that the first track leaves you off on a good note, your expecations for the second song are raised. Instead you’re greeted with a chorus that repeats itself in sound. This B-track really didn’t have anything that stood out; it sounds like that typical sound, as I mentioned earlier. The guitar solo was entertaining to listen to, but the overall effect was lacking. The vocals weren’t great and the melody was so-so. The song still sounded fine, but it wasn’t extraordinary. 2/5

It’s been less than a year since the band rebranded, and it seems like MeteroiD is just warming up. If the latter part of the title track is a sign of what the band can dish out, it looks like they could have a promising future as a unit.

Rating: 3/5

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