Saturday, 5 September 2015

DIV New Single "Ikenai KISS" Release

DIV's new maxi single, "Ikenai KISS (イケナイKISS)" will be released October 28th.

Two different editions will be available for this release. Limited edition will include CD+DVD+trading card (1 out of 5 in random) for 1800 yen, and regular edition will include CD only for 1200 yen

~CD Tracklist~
  1. Ikenai KISS (イケナイKISS)
  2. Hoshoku Suru Yume ni Hitsuji wa Odoranai (捕食する夢に羊は踊らない)
  3. Metronome (Regular Edition)
~DVD Tracklist~
  1. Ikenai KISS (イケナイKISS)
First press limited edition will enclose a "DIV Ikenai Lottery" with a chance at one of the following prizes:
  • Grand prize (limit 5): 2015/11/07 one-man live ticket+DIV goods assortment gift+meet & greet
  • A prize (limit 20): 2015/11/07 one-man live ticket
  • B prize (limit 50): 2015/11/07 one-man live special cheki

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